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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Coaching Work?

We meet for 1½ hours for the first appointment and 1 hour after that.  Typically, parents have four appointments, after which they decide whether to continue, based on their individual needs.

Our appointments are held via zoom or phone. The appointments are usually two weeks apart, so you have time to implement the techniques, and come back to get your questions answered.  You can request once-a-week appointments if you choose. 

Click below to schedule your initial 90 minute session. If none of the available times work for you, please contact me!

How Much Does It Cost?

The initial 90 minute appointment is $150, and subsequent 60 minute sessions are $120, for a total of $510 for 4 sessions.   Sliding fees are available. Checks, credit cards, cash, paypal and venmo are currently accepted. 

Some HSA’s will cover this type of service.  Check with your own plan to see if it can be submitted to them.

If you have a child care business or are a teacher, the coaching can be deducted from your taxes as an educational expense. 

For a small investment, you can have moral support, a closer connection to your child, and more peace at home.

Does The Coach Meet My Children?

Not usually.  I support adults from the background, placing the healing in your hands, you have the greatest impact! 

I help parents and teachers maintain their authority with the children, which can be diminished if the children see their parents/teachers being corrected.  I also work best when I have my client’s full attention, and they have mine.

In addition to parent coaching, I can visit schools to observe children anonymously, attend school meetings with parents, and consult with teachers on improving behavior. 

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