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What Is Parent Coaching?

Parent coaching is personalized, relationship-based parent and teacher education.

It is support that is specialized for your situation (your family or your classroom).

I help you understand your child’s behavior and what’s going on in their brain that triggers the actions you see.

I help you learn new skills and tools to bring out the best in your intense child.

Parents and teachers alike benefit from coaching.

What does a Parent Coach Do?

 A parent coach:​


  • Helps you learn to minimize the challenging behaviors of your child. 


  • Offers support, relief, and peace in your daily parenting struggles.  


  • Provides tips and insights – the manual you wish would have come with your child!


  • Gives you effective strategies to help you deal with, respond to, and prevent the difficult behaviors.


  • Offers effective tools based in brain science and positive parenting. You implement the tools, then meet with your coach to celebrate successes and troubleshoot rough spots. 

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What will I gain from Parent Coaching?

Immediate gains

You will: 

  • Gain understanding about what is happening in your child’s brain and body

  • Grow in empathy toward your child

  • Become a “success mentor” for your child instead of behavior police.

  • Learn to be in the present moment with your child, connecting to the instinctual part of the brain, helping the brain calm so that logic and problem-solving can begin.

  • Focus on your child’s successes in a way that leads to more success.

  • Get caught in the positive feedback spiral, instead of the negative feedback spiral.

Long Term Gains

You will:

  • Acquire highly effective techniques to use with any child, in any setting.

  • Develop an ability to feel peace, calm, and connection with your child.

  • Gain control over the classroom or home vibe (environment)

  • Witness your child’s dramatically increased self-compassion and empowerment.

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